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More Than All We Ask or Imagine

more than all we ask

Have you ever faced an obstacle so insurmountable that it made your heart melt? Or maybe you have a dream or goal that looks so impossible that fear keeps you from taking the first step.

As my family and I reach the end of a stateside road trip from Texas to Washington D.C. and South Carolina, my heart is thumping. . Tomorrow morning I’ll go to She Speaks, a conference in North Carolina for Christian writers. I’m super excited, but I’m scared to death! (What’s a homeschooling mommy blogger like me doing at a big Christian writers’ conference like She Speaks?)

Next Tuesday we return to Turkey, and several more mountains loom large in front of me:

  • An incredibly busy August awaits me after an incredibly busy summer. Where will strength come from?
  • My son’s heart is set on Georgetown University in Washington DC. We will go for it and support him during the demanding application process. Does he stand a chance?
  • We just learned that my husband needs to make a trip back to the United States in November. Where will the money for this unplanned trip come from?

Despite the challenges in front of me, these words echo in my ears: “More than all we ask or imagine.” Yesterday during my morning time with God, these words from Ephesians 3 came to mind. And in the afternoon as I saw the same words etched on the front of a church building: “More than all we ask or imagine.”

When I saw those words on the side of that building, I knew it was God. All I could say was, “Okay, Lord, I get it.”

If you’re in the same shoes today, looking at overwhelming obstacles, remember that God can do immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine. God can provide for your financial needs. God can rescue your marriage. He can change your children’s hearts. God can open any door, whether it’s to a new job or an incredibly selective university. He can bring joy and renewal to the weariest heart.  God has more resources and more power than you can imagine.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’re facing today?

Keep your eyes fixed on Him today, friend. Dare to believe. Cling to His Word. Just take the next step in front of you. Smile. God will give you the strength and grace you need for today. Remember, he can do MORE than all you can ask or imagine.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,

according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church

and in Christ Jesusthroughout all generations,

for ever and ever! Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20, 21


Ways to Beat Summer Heat

My family and I are back home from Turkey spending our first summer stateside in years. Right now we’re on a road trip: Knoxville, Tennessee tonight, and Washington, D.C. tomorrow.

July also marks the one year anniversary for Faith Spilling Over, so I’m pulling up one of my first posts from last July to give you a taste of our normal Turkish summers:

Ways to beat summer heat

For a Texas girl plunked down on the Aegean coast, complaining about 95° weather seems wimpy.  After all, where I grew up, temperatures soared above 105° for days on end. Continue reading


Easy Summer Lunch: DIY Hummus

Easy summer lunch hummusSoaring summer temperatures mean I want to stay out of a hot kitchen as much as I can. Here’s an easy vegetarian summer lunch that brings a taste of the Middle East right to your table. Growing up in Turkey, my kids never got used to eating sandwiches. For us, hummus is a great rescue lunch for busy days using simple ingredients from the pantry.  We serve it with toasted pita bread wedges, cucumbers, carrots, and celery sticks for dipping. It also makes delicious lettuce wraps. Finish it off with vanilla yogurt for desert, and you have an easy, nutritious summer meal. Continue reading


Who Do You Want to Be 20 Years From Now?

Salvadoran Mother CollageTucked away in between the tree covered volcanos of El Salvador are some of God’s most precious girls. Mind you, with their crinkled faces and brown eyes that light up into smiles, they don’t look like girls any more. Well into their 70’s, they’re the generation of women that mothered me when I came to this land as a bride 20 years ago.

These mothers of mine amazed me during my visit in June. They’re a testament to faithfulness; many have served Jesus in the same ministries for over 30 years. Continue reading


Scaling Back When Summer Looks Full

blog selfie JuneLooking ahead at the next two months, I’m both excited and panic stricken. I’m thankful for many opportunities and doors God has opened, but I wonder if I’ll finish the summer more exhausted than ever! How can I scale back and travel light on this road God has mapped for me? Continue reading


Grasping God’s Unconditional When You Feel Unlovable

God's love roots deepEver have days when you feel downright un-lovable? Let me tell you, I certainly do. On the tired days when life lurches to high speed, I can snap and snarl. I make a snide comment to my husband. I say something gossipy to a girlfriend. I yell at one of my kids. Again.

Then I regret it and wonder how God could love a mess-up like me. God’s love is the first thing we learn when we come to Christ, but even after walking with Jesus 30 years, I still don’t quite get it. On good days, I’m fairly kind and considerate, but on my bad days, I can get mean and snappy. The people closest to me know it, too. Just ask them! I’m a sinner who desperately needs grace. Continue reading


Dive into Summer Reading

summer readingBusy moms are hard-pressed to make time for reading. Too many demands vie for your time. If you’re like me, home school burns you out on books, and the internet lures you in. But reading is a great way to care for yourself.  The physical act of sitting down for some “me-time” with a book is healthy, and books nourish both our spirits and our brains.

The slower pace of summer makes finding time to read easier, so I thought it would be fun if we shared book recommendations today. Here are five books I read in the last year and three books I want to read. I hope you’ll complete this post by leaving a comment to recommend a book for the rest of us! Continue reading


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