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Need More “Wow!” in Your Weekdays?

UntitledWhen I was a kid, I often woke up to the sounds of “Saturday Night Fever” blaring through the house. Mom’s musical tastes were eclectic.  She listened to everything from the Bee Gees to Broadway musicals. At 6:30 a.m. As a single mom juggling work, raising kids, and running a household, she recognized the power of music to lift her spirits.

Just like music brightened my mother’s outlook, worship transforms my attitude faster than anything.  Reading a Psalm out loud when I wake up tired renews my hope at the beginning of the day. Whispering a quiet prayer of praise cuts through stress and negative attitudes later. Listening to worship music while I make dinner can transform my hot, frazzled kitchen into an arena of God’s presence.

I’d like to say I do these things every day, but I don’t. I forget.

I tend to think of worship as a Sunday thing. Don’t you? It’s what we do at church when we sing songs before the message. Sunday worship is a sacred time to focus on God together with His people.

We need worship even more on weekdays.

Here’s Why:

  • God is worthy.

He’s just as worthy of our worship on Wednesday as on Sunday.

  • Worship brings us into relationship with Him.

It draws us into His presence, where we find the joy, peace, and strength we need for every day. When a long to-do list drains the life out of us, worship feeds our souls. When our hearts are aching, and it’s hard to keep back the tears, worship draws us close to God’s heart and opens up avenues of His grace.

  • Worship changes our outlook.

It gives us the truest perspective on our problems. As we look through the lens of worship, problems grow small and blurry, and God comes into magnificent focus. No matter what obstacles we grapple with, God is bigger.

Here are 3 ways I want to work more worship into my weekdays:

1.  Start with a Song:

Today I sang a quiet song in the morning by myself at the kitchen table during my quiet time. It sounds crazy, but it started off my morning with an awareness of God’s presence.

2.  Listen loud

Cranking up worship music in my car yesterday totally transformed a traffic jam. It helped me to focus on God rather than fume, and I arrived home in a better frame of mind. Listening to worship music improves my attitude while I do housework or cook dinner.

3.  Memorize the Magnificat (or other worshipful verses)

 “My soul glorifies the Lord, and my Spirit rejoices in God my Savior…for the Mighty One has done great things for me.” Mary’s song from Luke 1:46 is helping me today to approach an overwhelming task list with an improved attitude:

I desperately need to get the “Wow!” that comes from God’s presence into my weekday.


What do you think? Care to join me? What are ways that you can worship during the week?



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