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You’re No Grasshopper, Girl!

grasshopper girl

Do you ever feel like a grasshopper?

Sometimes our circumstances make us feel small. Like when everyone at your new job looks qualified and competent, but you have no idea what you’re doing. Or when all the other mothers bring well-groomed kids and healthy snacks to play group, but your kids arrive with bed head and McDonald’s French fries.

Grasshopper thinking results when we compare ourselves with others.

I’ve been struggling with grasshopper thinking myself. As I start a new school year with two high schoolers, my son is working on college applications. “Whose idea was it to home school, anyway? Do I have what it takes to coach kids through advanced chemistry? Can my kids make it in college?”

Grasshopper thinking results when we focus on ourselves and the task in front of us.

The more monumental the task, the more inadequate we feel.

Grasshopper thinking forgets God.

The Israelites forgot about God when they went to spy out the land He’d already promised to give them.  God had parted the Red Sea for them. All they had to do was to go in and conquer. But when the 12 scouts went into Canaan to check out the land, the fortified towns and powerful people living there overwhelmed them. (See Numbers 13 for the whole story.)

“We even saw giants there,” they said. “Next to them we felt like grasshoppers, and that’s what they thought, too!”


When they measured themselves against the task before them, they felt too small. Fear kept them from entering the land God had called them to take.

Are you facing any giants this week?

  • The massive pile/mountain of stuff on your desk. You ask yourself, “Why am I such an organizational failure?”
  • Sticking in there with your kids or your marriage when the going gets tough. You wonder, “Do I really have it in me?”
  • The new women’s study you’re leading at church. You think, “Who signed me up for this? Because it definitely was not me.”

We can counteract grasshopper thinking in two ways:

Focus on God

Grasshopper thinking results when we focus on ourselves and our overwhelming circumstances. Faith rises when we fix our eyes on God.

God is your Rock, your Shield, and your Fortress. Your Savior and Deliverer. Your place of safety. If God resurrected Jesus from the dead, He can help you write a book, parent your children, or make it through the week. If God defeated Satan at the cross, He can rescue your marriage.

The Almighty God will equip you to do everything He’s calling you to. No task is too big.

Trust him and take small steps.

Grasshopper thinking leaves us incapacitated. We do nothing because our circumstances are impossible anyway. The longer we do nothing, the more overwhelmed we get.

Faith inches forward.

Small steps over time add up to big results. Ten minutes a day organizes your cluttered desk in a week (or two in my case!). A half hour with your mate can improve your relationship. Over the course of a week, several short sessions preparing for that Bible study make it more do-able.

With your focus on God, every small step takes you closer to your goal, whether it’s completing a project or changing a relationship.

What about you? Ever struggle with grasshopper thinking? How do you handle it?


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