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Husband Driving You Crazy? Remember Why You Married Him

remember why you married him 1Do you remember that Prince Charming who enthralled you while you were dating him? Many wives find that at some point after the honeymoon, their Prince Charming mysteriously mutated into the most exasperating person they know.  A person with all kinds of irritating habits that drive them crazy:

  • He leaves the cap off the toothpaste.
  • He doesn’t like eggplant, your favorite vegetable.
  • And the most horrifying thing by far: He leaves the toilet seat up in the bathroom.

When we feel like our husbands are driving us crazy, we have two choices:

  1. We can harp on every little irritation, correct him, and remind him every time he does it.
  2. We can get over it and remember why we married him in the first place!


Oh girlfriends, I’d be the first to admit that my default choice is to harp, correct and nag. But I want to get more intentional about GETTING OVER IT –yes, even the toilet seat – and about remembering why I love my husband so much.

What was it that you loved about your husband when you were dating?

His smile? The way he held your hand? The conversations you had over coffee?

What do you appreciate about him now?

The way he’s crazy about your kids? The way he works to provide for your family? The next time you’re irritated because he forgot to call and let you know he’d be late for dinner, review his good points in your mind.

“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,
    and he receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22 (NLT)


From this Proverb, I draw the following conclusion:

Remember why you married him 2

Did you get that? We found a TREASURE when we found our husbands! And what do we do with treasure? We value it. We appreciate it. We give thanks for it.

How can you express appreciation for your husband today? How about calling him up during his lunch hour to tell him how grateful you are that God gave you such a treasure. Or buy him a card and list all of his qualities inside. Cook his favorite dinner to celebrate your relationship.

What about you? Do you have any ideas about how to let our husbands know we appreciate them?


Why You Need Go-To Girls and How to Get Them

go-to girls“Would this bright, beautiful girl even be interested in spending time with a middle-aged housewife like me?” When I met Bahar, she was a social butterfly with a million friends. I was a stay at home mom overwhelmed by two small kids. I could barely get a shower most days, let alone get outside my house.

I sensed the Lord leading me to encourage younger women in our church, but I didn’t know what to do. I began to pray for a few women and call them occasionally.  The first time I called Bahar, I had to force myself to dial the numbers with sweaty hands.  What if I was bothering her?  What if she really didn’t want to talk to me? Continue reading


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You’re No Grasshopper, Girl!

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Do you ever feel like a grasshopper?

Sometimes our circumstances make us feel small. Like when everyone at your new job looks qualified and competent, but you have no idea what you’re doing. Or when all the other mothers bring well-groomed kids and healthy snacks to play group, but your kids arrive with bed head and McDonald’s French fries.

Grasshopper thinking results when we compare ourselves with others. Continue reading


Why This Word Girl Writes (Blog Hop)

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More Jesus; Less Fretting and Fuming

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Need More “Wow!” in Your Weekdays?

UntitledWhen I was a kid, I often woke up to the sounds of “Saturday Night Fever” blaring through the house. Mom’s musical tastes were eclectic.  She listened to everything from the Bee Gees to Broadway musicals. At 6:30 a.m. As a single mom juggling work, raising kids, and running a household, she recognized the power of music to lift her spirits.

Just like music brightened my mother’s outlook, worship transforms my attitude faster than anything.  Continue reading


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